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iSoundhub 5GHz Wireless Audio System

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Qian Yin Ai Sound System (Guangxi) Co., Ltd.
Specialist in Wireless Audio Transmission

We are group of enthusiastic in audio system which aimed to provide high fidelity audio to the users while cutting the needs for complex installation as in traditional audio system. We have a wide variety of wireless transmission modules and amplifiers modules to be integrated into any systems or products. Please contact with our sales for more info and collaboration.

Our iSoundhub 5GHz Wireless Audio System Advantages

Wi-Fi Audio is utilising the frequency band of 2.4GHz/5GHz to transmit high quality audio. The speed and stability of Wi-Fi audio greatly depends on the speed of network and router. Despite the fact that Wi-Fi audio can support high resolution music transmission, but it cannot operate in real-time and easily interrupted when the network congested.

iSoundhub 5GHz Wireless Audio can transmit high quality music with a delay equal to or less than 8ms. Our advantages over Wi-Fi Audio:

  • Support Real-Time
  • 50 – 100 meters Coverage
  • Stable

Bluetooth is the cheapest way to support wireless communication, it can only support compressed. The range covered by Bluetooth is far less than Wi-Fi audio and iSoundhub 5GHz Wireless Audio, it can only support up to 10 meters apart. The Bluetooth can only support point-to-point communication.

iSoundhub 5GHz Wireless Audio Transmitter can support more than one iSoundhub 5GHz Wireless Receivers at once (up to 16 Receivers with single Transmitter) with a latency lower than 8ms between each receiver.

Our iSoundhub 5GHz Wireless Audio Advantages:

  • Low Bandwidth Use
  • Low Latency of Sound (Real-Time)
  • High Resistance to wireless interference
  • Ultra-low Power Consumption (Use lesser power than Wi-Fi)
  • Can Support Multiple Receivers with single Transmitter
    • Ideal in creating robust home theater system
    • Can be used to various applications (ex. Home Theater, Smart Classroom Audio Solution, Conference System, Cafe & Restaurant Audio Solution and etc.

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Countdown to the launching iSoundhub HDMI Audio Extractor

Support HDMI Input at the iSoundhub 5GHz Wireless Audio Transmitter

Our next-generation of iSoundhub 5GHz Wireless Transmitter will support HDMI input to support true home theater effect to our users! Stay tuned for more!

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