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About Us

Qian Yin Ai Sound System (Guangxi) Co., Ltd.

We are group of enthusiastic in audio system which aimed to provide high fidelity audio to the users while cutting the needs for complex installation as in traditional audio system. We have a wide variety of wireless transmission modules and amplifiers modules to be integrated into any systems or products. Please contact with our sales for more info and collaboration.


In order to make sure only the best quality modules and products reaching the hand of our clients, we have strict standard operation protocols (SOP) in each and every of our departments.

Our production is ready to provide you with the high volume order within short time without compromising the quality.

Every single detail is meaningful! From the modules to speaker boxes, we take special care on it. We ensure only the best quality products from us will reach the hands of our clients and customers.


We have wide variety of turnkey-solution-modules to be used in our clients’ products directly.

We have different speakers for different modules and products. Our speakers come with modules and speaker boxes as the finish products.


Our speakers demo. Stay tuned for more!

Part of our sales team! Contact us for more info regarding our products and collaborations!