The Future of

Data Transmission

PulzeNet is a system comprising of three main components, namely PulzeE, PulzeW and Pulze5

iSoundhub PulzeNet

PulzeNet Main Component


The PulzeE is designed to transmit the data via the Ethernet Cable. It is mainly used as the backhaul to support both the PulzeW and Pulze5.


The PulzeW is designed to transmit the data (sensor data, audio, video) via the existing power cable inside the infrastructure.


Pulze5 is designed to cover the wireless data transmission especially for media like audio data by utilising the 5GHz wireless frequency.





What is so special about PulzeNet?

PulzeNet (PN) is a breakthrough technology designed by iSoundhub R&D team to meet the skyrocket demand for data transmission capacity in infrastructure








iSoundhub PulzeNet

How do Pulze5, PulzeE and PulzeW relate to each others?

All the three Components (PulzeE, PulzeW and Pulze5) are designed to complement each others to support each and every technology from wired to wireless as well as power line.,

Pricing Tables

Choose Pricing Plans Which Suits Your Needs

Current Market

Available Ethernet Solutions

(Current Market)

Not optimized for large scale projects

Hard to integrate with other systems

Slow in response or hard to expand

Available Power-Line Solutions

(Current Market)

Mostly using Narrowband Power

Line for sensors data transmission

Low Bandwidth

Prone to noise and interference

Available Wireless Solutions

(Current Market)

Cannot support high resolution audio transmission

Cannot Support real-time playback

Prone to interference from existing wireless hotspot like

Wi-Fi Access Points


Optimized for large scale projects

Easy to integrate with other systems




Wideband Power

Line technology from Qualcomm

High Bandwidth

High resistant to noise and interference


Proprietary Wireless Technology utilising 5GHz frequency band

Support high resolution lossless audio transmission up to


Can connect up to 16 receivers per transmitter

High resistant to interference

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes PulzeNet so special?

PulzeNet is a complete solution built from scratch to target for growing demand in data transmission inside the infrastructure.

Can PulzeE, PulzeW and Pulze5 really work together?

The PulzeE, PulzeW and Pulze5 are designed to work along with each other well. The protocol being used in three of them are compatible.

Can PulzeNet integrate with other systems?

PulzeNet is designed with external ports like RS-232, RS-485, RJ-45 etc. for integration with other systems.

When PulzeNet will be launched?

PulzeNet is available for sale now!

Can PulzeNet works with Audinate?

Yes! PulzeNet is compatible with Audinate to bring in expandability to existing Audinate!

Can PulzeNet used to collect IoT sensors data inside the infrastucture?

Yes, PulzeNet can be used as backhaul to collect IoT sensors data.

Will PulzeNet add in intelligent like Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligent (AI) for data processing?

Yes! PulzeNet will add in Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligent (AI) with cloud support. We support AWS cloud right now. We will add in Azure and other cloud service providers in future.