iSoundhub Column Speaker

Smart Education Audio

For Ideal Audio System

With its vertical column of 3 drivers providing control over a horizontal and vertical pattern of 180° x 30°, the speaker reproduces the critical vocal range 80Hz – 15kHz with a sophisticated cardioid design.


Public Address System Outdoor Column Speaker

Rated Power Input:

10W / 20W


2 x 3” Fullrange Speaker Driver

1 x 1” Horn Driver

Line Input:

100V to 70V

Frequency Response:

80Hz to 15kHz

SPL (@1W/m):

(1W/m) 89dB

Dimensions (W x H x D):

97 x 316 x 86 mm

IP Rating:

IP 66


Aluminium alloy enclosure

Net Weight

2.1 kg