iSoundhub Mix one

Feedback Cancellation
User Friendly Control Panel

iSoundhub Mix One

What is Mix One?

As an all in one input source and output source audio management system, Mix One is a combination of multiple devices into one solution with a user-friendly control panel convenient to use by all. It comes with a feedback cancellation feature which remove the feedback noise happening when handheld mic is placed near to the speaker.

Main Features

Mix One Main Features

Feedback Cancellation

Audio sources collected from different sources (XLR handheld microphone, Ambient Microphones, USB Audio Source, 0dB Input) are processed to remove noises and provide extra clarity and enhancement mainly on human vocal for better recording and sound reproduction experience.


Comes with 2 channels of 25W amplifier output that allow to connect with

2 speakers simultaneously with no delay in between speakers.

User Friendly Control Panel

Easily manage your system with just few knobs. Adjust the Mic Volume and Output Volume in sync.

Priority Based Automatic Volume Adjustment (PBAVA)

XLR Microphone Port
0dB Line In
USB Aux In (From Online Participants)
DW Port B AUX In
Microphone Array (Ceiling Microphone Array)

DripWaves (DW) Supported

iSoundhub Mix One comes with DW Port (B) which enable interoperation in between devices regardless of brands. iSoundhub Mix One is fully compliance with DW standard protocols and capable to communicate with any other DW compatible devices for integration and interoperability for expanded features and functions. As part of initiative from iSoundhub to interoperate with different Service Integration (SI) companies for various patterns and usages of iSoundhub Mix One, iSoundhub does support extended protocol from DW standard in accordance with requirements upon requested. All the extended protocols as requested by customers will only be available on the devices sold to the customers solely without making it public to all devices. Thus, NDA is required in between iSoundhub and the parties of interest and a digital signature will be generated to activate the special protocols for interoperation purposes.